The Bank

Our guild bank is a wonderful resource for all of our lower level guildies, as well as all of our guild crafters and raiders. Ideally, the bank will always be well-stocked with reagents for crafting, such as bolts, arcane modulaters, ores, dusts and essences, as well as items that one might need on a raid – a wide variety of health and resistance potions, repair bots, bandages, exploding sheep, etc…etc…. The guild bank also holds a variety of green and blue items that would potentially be upgrades for our lower level friends as they push on through to 70. That being said, it’s important to remember that the guild bank is completely dependent on YOU, our guild members! By everyone donating just a little from their crafts, we will continue to amass a collection of useful things that we can benefit from. No one is expected to bear the brunt of keeping our guild bank stocked, and no one will ever be asked to donate, but it is something that is expected from time to time of everyone, and will always look good in the eyes of the leadership.

Please keep in mind: since the arrival of the Burning Crusades, we’re aware that the Old World 40-mans have lost some of their punch as far as loot goes, and the lack of equally massive dungeons in Outlands makes a DKP system unnecessary for the time being. As we progess through the new Outland raids as a guild, re-instituting the DKP system is something we will actively discuss; but since we won’t be using DKP in this moment, the success of the guild bank depends more on trust and commitment on the entire guild’s part than ever before.

1. Enchanting materials are free for anyone enchanters to ask for, as long as they are immediately used for either a self-enchant or an enchant on another guild member. Same goes for crafting materials: Crafters can ask for whatever they need, as long it is for something that will be crafted at that time and relates to a gear upgrade for themselves or another guild memeber, or something that relates to a guild run about to take place (stranglekelp for free action pots, for example).

2. Gear upgrades for lower level guildies are available and encouraged, within reason. Everyone deserves quality gear, and at the lower levels there’s a big difference between a lvl 32 axe and a lvl 38 axe, but no one needs to upgrade every level. The frequency of upgrade requests as well as the difference in the current and the desired upgrade will be taken into consideration before granting upgrade requests.

3. No heckling or badgering of the Guild Bankers will ever be tolerated; anyone accused of giving the guild bankers a hard time will be put on a two week suspension from the guild, and once they return, will not be allowed any access to the guild bank for one month. Please! Remember that our Guild Bankers have the hardest job in the guild! Let’s give them the respect they deserve.

4. Anyone caught taking advantage of the guild bank in any way will be immediately removed from the guild. These decisions are never up for discussion and are at the full discretion of the Guild Leadership.

5. As a General Rule: Take what you need, and leave the rest!