Raiding and Instance Guidelines

The most two most crucial things to keep our raids organized and on time is for everyone to stay active on the boards and be diligent about signing up using the Raid Signup function on the website. By always signing up and posting a word or two in the forums, the Raid Masters will have a better idea of who’s needed, who’s available, and will be able to keep things going smoothly. That being said, the final groups that get accepted to the raids are at the full discretion of the Raid Leader, and no heckling or badgering of the Raid Leaders will be tolerated. But! The more you keep in touch on the boards and on the raid signup, the more likely you are to go. People using the raid signup will always take precedence over non-guildies as well as guildies who didn’t bother to sign up.

1. Official guild raids and runs will be run by a guild officer, and all the looting rules will be laid out before the run. That being said, no heckling of the raid leader or run leader shall be allowed. Please remember that these people have one of the hardest jobs in the guild! Running an instance or raid smoothly is no easy job, so please be respectful of the raid or instance leader and refrain from complaining about loot turn-outs, Credit handouts, or anything else the raid or instance leader is in charge of organizing.