To PTR, or not to PTR…

So the PTRs came up over the weekend, and anyone who’s been watching the WoW blogosphere knows you can’t go 5 minutes without getting a new set of screenshots, loot drabble, or even newer patch note changes pinging your favorite RSS feeder. And, I feel like all this chaos brought upon the WoW blogging world begs a question: why do people copy over to the test realms in the first place? Is it because they’re so anxious to see the new screenies in person that they’re willing to run around and check out the new quests with no tangible return? Are they truly good samaritans, trying to help Blizzard debug the new material before it gets released? Or am I just overlooking some magical feeling of running around on the PTRs, knowing you’re seeing something before everyone else?

Now, to some extent, I can totally understand people transfering over. I would imagine the top-ity top end game raiding guilds copy over to start working through their strats on new bosses like Kalecgos and Brutallus (again, if you’re up in all the WoWblogs, you know those names by heart already, eh?), so that when the patch is released, they can start their race to be the first guild to officially down these new bosses. Or maybe you’re curious as to what the new badge loot will be, and checking MMO-Champion just doesn’t float your boat. But it’s guys like this one to the right that I can’t get over; people who copy over and fish for 3 hours, because they just can’t wait until the actual patch goes live. I mean, what does he say to himself? “Sweet! Just got this hot new fishing hook! Can’t wait to do it all over again in a month!” Or everyone frantically trying to grind their rep up to see what the new faction necklaces from the Shattered Sun Offensive does. They’re just going to have to do it again…

But, maybe I’m being too cynical. Maybe the majority of the people on the PTRs really are trying to make a good things better. Don’t let the PTR forums be that judge, though, because that’s just where people go to complain about buffs or lack there of. It’s just for myself, I’ve always found so many things that I haven’t yet done on my main that I want to - I’ve just never had time to do things that are going to get wiped off the slate, only to do them again. And, doing a quest for the first time is the best part, for sure, but doing it a second time, which you’d have to do, takes the fun out of it. (Can you guess how excited I am about more dailies? ;) )

But what about you? Do you copy over? If so, why? What makes playing on the PTRs, and there total lack of consequence and therefore substance fun? Are you just a better person than myself? What’s the secret to the PTRs?

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One Response to “To PTR, or not to PTR…”

  1. Jujeta Says:

    Well, there have been a couple of times where they would let you create pre-mades, which is an interesting way to try out another class.

    Or the times when they were giving away free T5 level gear to see if it was working the way the wanted.

    I’ve copied over myself because I heard that respecing is free, so it gives you a chance to try out alternatives without hemorrhaging money.

    Oh and finally…. Consider that there are something like 250 servers and something around 9 million people playing WoW. And AFAIK, there is only 1 PTR. If 1 in 100 people thought it might be interesting to try the PTR, that would be 90,000 people on the server.

    According to the census:
    Demon Soul only has 10,000 people on it.

    So I’m guessing what you are seeing are just the laws of probability at play. If there are 10 guys getting their fishing up on PTR, that is 1 part per million.

    There will always be a decent fraction of people interested in “the scoop”, “what’s new”, and maybe even have a say in playtesting and balancing the next patch. (I’m guessing the last is the biggest attraction.)

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