2.4. Patch Notes, the PTR, and You!

PTRIt’s that time again! Patch 2.4 should be up on the Public Test Realm sometime this weekend, and the official 2.4 patch notes are up for the viewing! While pouring over patch notes is a blast, here’s the bullet list of what I think are the headliners.

2.4 Patch notes:

  • Sunwell Isle is released, bringing joy to the 0.2% of the WoW community that has Illidan on farm, along with it’s whole slew of new dailies! PvP servers begin plotting Sunwell Isle zone domination!
  • People with enough reputation with Caverns of Time will be able to Teleport from Shattrath to the Caverns of Time in Tanaris, throwing the Mage Teleportation business into chaos
  • Respeccing no longer causes you to forget spec-specific, trained spells, meaning holy/shadow priests and feral/resto druids everywhere just saved a potential 14g per 200g they spend on respecs per week! Woot!
  • Haste Rating can now lower the GCD on all spells to 1 second, should someone have ~2000 haste. Haste will now show up properly on the character sheet.
  • Also, the Sunwell Isle faction will now sell Jewelcrafting recipes to cut gems with +Haste rating
  • Priest will be able to cast Fear Ward in shadow form, meaning they don’t have to waste mana popping out of shadow to toss up a FW. Kewl.
  • Warlocks will now be able to summon players inside and instance, as long as that player meets the instance’s level/attunement requirements. This one is pretty great, actually - no longer do you have to waste 30 minutes waiting for someone to fly back after they realized they forgot to repair….It also means Warlocks need to start getting mats for their Felcloth Bags, since roughly 20 people are going to want summons every raid.
  • Speaking of bags, it has also been announced that 2.4 will bring several new bag types, including one bag specifically for soulbound items. The bag will most likely be larger than 18 slots, meaning druids, paladins, and shadow/holy priests everywhere can QQ less about how hard it is to lug 3 sets of gear around!
  • Honor Kills will now instantly reward you honor, instead of waiting every day for it to record. Also, diminishing returns is being removed on HKs, so you can now happily camp that guy stealing your motes for fire for up to 50 times!
  • A couple BG changes, with the WSG change being the most interesting. In order to help deal with turtles/flag hording (no pun intended!), if both teams are holding a flag for 10 minutes or more, the flag holder will gain a debuff giving him/her 50% more damage taken. If over 15 minutes, it goes up to a 100% increase. You’ll also be able to track the FC for 45 seconds after they pick up the flag.
  • Enchanters will now be able to disenchant Void Crystals into 2 Large Prismatic Shards. This should be great for all of the servers where Large Prismatics are going for 50g a pop on the AH. Just let a brotha get his +81 healing already!
  • Fishing dailies! Woot!
  • The droprate of Fel Lotus is being upped a little bit on felweed, Dreaming Glory, Ragweed, and Flame Caps. Should make flasking up for raids a little more reasonable price-wise
  • 25 man bosses that drop tier tokens will now drop an additional tokens. Yay! Now we can have runs where they drop 3 Defender’s tokens 3 weeks in a row! No, jk, I’m actually really excited about this one.
  • Doomwalker and Doomlord Kazzak’s drops will now be BoE. While I think this is a fantastic way to gear up fellow guildies, increasing the quality of the Guild Vault’s gear, and making a little money for the guild as well, it just won’t work on PvP servers. Anyone who has tried Doomwalker only to have their 4 tanks chain Mind Controlled by some Horde knows what I’m talking about….
  • The Attunement will be removed for both Mount Hyjal and Black Temple.

This last one is going to make some people very happy, and just as many furious. Previously, when the attunement for MH/BT involved killing Vashj/Kael, it was a true test for guilds. Kael isn’t known as the “Guild Destroyer” for nothing…these two would just break people’s spirits! And the first couple bosses of both MH and BT were easier as a reward. But now, with the attunement gone, guilds will be more than happy to just skip over these two and start collecting their T6 loot.

I understand Blizzard’s desire to get as many people into end game content as they can before the next expansion comes out and it becomes obsolete, but I personally think this step came a little too soon. What do you think? Were Vashj and Kael just totally, unjustifiably harder than anything else before them, and is this a welcome step? Or is Blizzard’s attempt to appeal to the more casual masses insulting to guilds who pushed through and overcame these two beasts of a boss?

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2 Responses to “2.4. Patch Notes, the PTR, and You!”

  1. John Says:

    This one seemed pretty interesting to me:

    Spirit-Based Mana Regeneration: This system has been adjusted so that as your intellect rises, you will regenerate more mana per point of spirit.

    I don’t know if it will stay or go, or how it is tuned. But maybe finally you’ll be able to regen some of that 12k mana pool.

    Also, there was never much trade in porting people to Tanaris, as Darnassus is still too far away, and IF still requires a boat. Having a direct way to get from Outlands to KoT instances is pretty huge. I won’t have to keep my mage’s hearth in Tanaris anymore.

  2. Twudie Says:

    OMG HUGE <3 to bigger bags for soulbound and no paying for talent spells!!!!!!! 2 of my bags are always full and my pocket is useually empty from respecs QQ

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