Warcrafter makes ppl annoying

My friend and co-gm, Backslashh, made a recent post on the Demon Soul forums regarding a warcraft website called Warcrafter.Whereas something like wowjutsu uses the armory of all of your guild’s members to compare your progression against other guilds on your server, warcrafter emphasizes individuals and comes up with personal rankings, both by guild and server. As you would expect, the ensuing wowforum thread was annoying as hell, as people let us know really important things like, “lol, it seems that I am ranked 12th on the server…” Well, not so bad. 15 posts later and its like, wtf, i read the list once. Do I really need the re-iterated greatest hits version?

Other blogs have focused on an additional feature of warcrafter where it breaks down basic but useful stats related to your spells. The image on the left is from warcrafter. Although all this looks pretty good, I would direct you to the ultimate stat tool of all time, the theorycraft-o-matic over at the man out of time site. You can see the difference right in the images here:

bartolo on warcrafter

bartolo manoutoftime

With warcrafter, the first image, you get to see how much damage spells do, and especially how much gets tacked on to that damage based on talents. It factors in mana usage, although you should be going to guides to figure out rotations and not relying on single spell breakdowns like this. On the other hand man out of time, the bottom image, is conditional on your spec and spell rotation. This is what really matters. Direct talent-to-talent comparisons, factoring in mana usage, and based on the spells you actually use to do the most damage with a give spec. Unfortunately its only for mages. What a drag.

My other beef with warcrafter is that as a GM in our guild, and in particular, as the guy who tries to steer the raiding efforts of our guild to the best of where it can go, I hate the type of mentality that these pages support. I need raiders to emphasize raid gear over battleground gear because of the essential stat distribution on raid gear. I also need raiders to think of the raid group as a whole, and pass on gear when there are players that need huge ups to get up to speed with the group. Personal rankings defeat that mentality. I had a guildie once tell me, “the only reason I play is because of gear and my personal advancement. I know it sounds selfish but thats how it is.” Warcrafter plugs in to that type of destructive thinking that not only disservices the guild community but the raiding efforts of the group as well. It is true that players need to be the best they can be for a group to succeed. But what is closer to the truth is that players need to help the group to maximize its potential overall.

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6 Responses to “Warcrafter makes ppl annoying”

  1. Vyndree Says:

    I totally agree. However, it’s kinda hard to change selfish people to become more selfless… I find it easier to specifically reward individuals who participate in group success just to satisfy their two-year-old brains that just scream “ME! ME! ME!” — The simplest reward is a simple /w WoW — you did really good there.

    I like WoWJutsu just to pop by and see who’s killed what on my server, but it is a REALLLLLY SLOOWWWW website.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed your post. :) Made my lunch break.

  2. bartolo Says:

    Heh, interesting take Vyndree :)

    As a mage, the theorycraft-o-matic website is amazing. It shows quantifiable evidence as to what you can do to improve your gear for optimal damage, specifically which spec and spell rotation is the best to use - something I find the hardest to convince people of. While Warcrafter offers pretty colors, I don’t feel like one who is looking for an objective source as to how to improve his/her gameplay would find much of use there.

    At least on our server, like Scarpia is talking about here in his post, things like Warcrafter create arbitrary pissing contests over something as meaningless (in the end, when you really think about it) as Warcrafter’s gear rating points.

    I would love to hear about other intelligent, intuitive DPS-disecting tools such as theorycraft-o-matic for other classes. Anyone know of some?

  3. bartolo Says:

    LOL! Crazy, Vyndree - just checked your blog; you don’t have to worry about this sort of stuff when you can run a 25 man by yourself! That’s awesome! Officially subscribed ;)

  4. Vyndree Says:

    Well, the problem is, with mine, I have nobody to yell at but myself when I wipe a group, and I’m competing with myself for drops! Maybe I should start my own DKP system.

    I’m such a loot whore.

  5. Twudie Says:

    Well, having some pvp gear isn’t a bad thing. Because even with the extra stam/resilience/armour it brings, the other stats can outdo some raid droped gear. Example season 3 gloves for a healadin are much better than t4. And because you don’t have to get 10 people to do arenas nor do you have to take turns rolling on the mark that drops, it makes them easier to get. A full pvp setfor raiding? absoultly not. But some can complement your raiding gear very nicely.

  6. Backslashh Says:

    I have to say that I posted warcrafter was to give people something fun to play with. Warcrafter will never be an ultimate grading tool on one’s gear because it does value pvp gear as high as raiding gear or even higher in some cases. Also, warcrafter requires manual updating of each toon in order to activate their stats and subsequently throw them into the mix for “ranking”. This alone does not make it any kind of authority as to who has the overall better gear on any given server, in any guild, etc. Also, the stats can be manipulated by people throwing on “high value” gear just prior to logging no matter how bad it might be for their actual spec. To me, it was just fun to play with for a little while and then set aside with the rest of the “toy” addons you can get in this game.
    I see it’s usefulness being just step better than the armory pages. It does at least allow you to play with different enchants, specs, gemming to see how those things affect your overall stats. That is not something you can do all on one page in the Armory.
    On a final note, a person’s gear is not the difinititive attribute that makes one a good player. A person with low skill and T6 gear would be more a liability to a raid then someone who wears greens but knows their class and how to play within a raid group. Gear helps greatly for skilled and experienced raiders, but it is not the ultimate determination of whether a raid will succeed or fail.

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