The Ol’ Switcheroo; Alts are the New Mains

While the Wrath of the Lich King expansion is going to offer many new and exciting aspects of WoW, there is one larger, more fundamental game change that could take place for many of us and is often overlooked; WotLK will bring the perfect opertunity to switch mains. Personally, I’ve been thinking a lot about this, as my shaman get close and closer to level 70 and I dream about how fun it will be to raid with him as either enhancement or restoration, or both. And with the advent of Death Knights, how many people will can their original rogues or locks or whatevers in favor of the new, original, and unplayed class?

Personally, Death Knights sound kinda lame to me; WoW Insider posted a lot of updates this past week about the Death Knights, and it honestly sounds a lot less cool than I originally. It feels like three classes jumbled into one, with thinly-veiled attempts to make it seem totally new. And anyone that played Diablo II and rolled a Necromancer will tell you - fun at first, not so great a month later. And! The real kicker for me - you start out at level 55. Begging for Ramparts and Slave Pens run-throughs and hammering out the same Outlands quests on your “new, unique” toon is going to make it feel a lot less unique pretty darn fast; being in the middle of the grind myself, I can safely say that Llevel 55 to 70, maybe, but 55 to 80? No thanks.

Nonetheless, the expansion will allow many people burnt out on being “the sheep machine” or “the tank” a chance to either pick up one of their alts and race to the finish, or turn their Death Knight into their new head hancho. While the initial thought of this scares me a little bit - out of fear of losing all of our tanks and heals fed up with being exactly that - I wonder, what might keep someone from making the switch?

I think a couple things. First off, we all have a certain attachment to our original mains, and for a reason; they’re the guys we made it through the long haul with, been on ups and downs with, and were our in game representatives for all those exciting moments, be it new boss downings, PvP domination, or just the simple pleasures of playing the game. I’m sure almost all of us connect with our mains, and they are part of our in-game identity - it’s who we are, and sometimes even playing an alt can feel like you’re “cheating” on your main.

Plus, chances our that we’ve gone through extra measures to make our mains the best they can be. All that time and gold spent getting the best crafteds, grinding rep with all the factions, shelling out 5,000 gold for the super sexy epic mount, and leveling all the secondary professions will make the switch even harder. I personally love fishing, for example, but have no desire to level up to 375 (or 450, come expansion) on a second toon. But, how can I have a healing main that can’t fish for his own Golden Fish Sticks? Or, am I ready to go back to being on a slow flyer, because I potentially spent the 5k gold on the “wrong” toon?

Dunno. This is why I think that come expansion time, a lot of us will have hard choices to make. I think…I think…I’m going to switch over to my shaman. I’m ready for a change, level 1/375 fishing and all. What will you do? If you could pick an alt and have him be your new main, would you? What’s the seller? Or, what’s the biggest catch?

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2 Responses to “The Ol’ Switcheroo; Alts are the New Mains”

  1. Jujeta Says:

    I’ve already switched my alt for my main. I can say it was fairly simple transition. I think mostly because Blizzard made it easier. Only needing Honored instead of Revered for heroics. As a druid tank, that made it easier to get groups. Plus our guild came a long way from when my first toon was 70. (The 2k gold from the first toon helped, too.)

    I also had a good guide of what to do to get Kara ready as a druid tank. Rather than sort of aimlessly doing a quest here, or an instance run there. I specifically targeted the quests that would give me the equipment I was looking for.

    Having a Kara group that can easily clear made it a lot easier to get geared up as well.

    As for the transition to 80… I imagine you’ll level slightly faster on your current “main”, because you’ll have slightly better gear. Though I know when you first got into Outlands, suddenly the greens were supposedly better than the old epics.

  2. World of Warcraft cheats World of Warcraft hacks and wow gold guides Says:

    I pull a switcheroo every couple of months. It helps when you get bored.

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