Boomkin Druids and spell haste: an epic re-post

Murmurs boomkin haste guideThe following post is a copy and paste from the wow forums, courtesy of Murmurs, on the Shadowmoon server. Be sure to check the original for the original discussion.

In particular, the aspect of this thread that strike me as particularly insightful pertain to breaking down the entire analysis to several different tiers of haste stats. By chunking the breakdown starting at +47 haste amount, the analysis ties into the psychology of players thinking of their own prospects for gear in the next two-month time frame. This is so much better than the all too common haste account that assumes we are all being blessed with BT riches.

Notes on Boomkin Haste
Part I: Basics-

Spell haste is a stat found on a limited amount of higher end items that allows for spell to be cast at a higher rate. In general, you will not be seeing many spell haste items until you can get into Black Temple or Mount Hyjal, however Zul’Aman does have several haste items and a few can be purchased with Heroic Badges.

Things to watch out for when stacking spell haste is the fact that these items will usually have lower overall stats and not contain any spell hit or spell crit. Very, very few items before Sunwell, like three in total if I recall correctly, have both spell haste and spell hit or spell crit. Although spell crit is merely a side-issue, making sure that you reamin hit capped is extremely important for raid DPS.

Part II: Stepping Stones-
If you want to start stacking spell haste, there are a few things to take into consideration first. Foremost, how much spell haste can you get right away? If you cannot hit at least 47 spell haste, then the stat is essentially useless to you and is not at all worth having. If any other piece of gear offers similar stat values, it will almost always offer better DPS out-put than the haste item you are using. After you are able to hit 47 spell haste, which stats to choose becomes more difficult.

In general, you will see the best return from spell haste if you are able to reach a new second cap off of a Starfire cast. The numbers to shoot for are as follows:

47 haste - .1 seconds
109 haste - .2 seconds
172 haste - .3 seconds
235 haste - .4seconds
314 haste - .5 seconds

Reaching these values will offer the highest return from haste rating. That being said, most people are going to be unable to reach these caps perfectly given that gear offers odd numbers and that all possible upgrades do not come instantly. What this means is that there will be a good portion of the time where a new item will put you somewhere in between these numbers. If this occurs, then it is often better to switch one of the pieces out to lower your spell haste to as close to the lesser cap as you possibly can. There are exceptions to this, obviously. If you are at 168 spell haste, then keeping your current item will probably provide the larger gain in DPS (all dependant on what you would be switching to.) But if you are at 130 spell haste, then it would probably be better to switch out to a piece that has spell crit instead of haste.

The other exception occurs at high levels of spell haste. As will be explained in the next section, the DPS gains from spell haste taper off between 109 and 215. Within this range spell haste seems to have a lowered impact on DPS than is seen in going from 42 to 109 and in hitting 235.This should only happen, however, if you are within the 1200 spell damage range. If you are able to break 1,300, then this should change.

Part III: Impact on DPS-
For this section, I am going to use a paper doll Moonkin to examine the over all impact spell haste has on DPS values in order to determine what the average amount of gains that a Moonkin would see in stacking haste. This is done by comparing how much DPS is gained from each level of spell haste to the one below it. While in the actual game will you notice your other stats change as you increase or decrease your spell haste, for the purpose of this experiment I kept all values as close to constant as possible. To achieve these DPS numbers, I used three different tests to predict changes in DPS. First is Efejel’s Moonkin spreadsheet, second is Lherin’s DPS simulator, and third were my own empirical testing on Dr. Boom.

I used Dr. Boom because, while I would have loved to test each and every variable on raid bosses, there simply were too many different variables and not enough bosses/time to do so. I have previously tested out all of the .1 second changes, however I was not perfectly able to have my spell damage and spell crit to remain constant during these raid tests which corrupts any real data that can be gained.

The stats used for the paper doll Moonking were; 1,200 spell damage, 15.** spell crit (out of Moonkin,) and at least 151 spell hit. There are no set bonuses taken into consideration, CSD is always the meta and is always active, trinkets are aways Icon and Hex Head used at every cooldown, and fights are always timed at 6 minutes. During my own testing the spell damage was never off 1,200 by more than or less than 4 spell damage and the crit percentage was as close to 15.00 as I could possibly manage, although never higher than 15.22.

——– Efejel’s ——- Lherin’s ——- Murmurs’

0 ——- 940.7 ——- 928.5 ———- 936.8

47 ——- 964.5 ——- 963.2 ——— 978.7

109 ——- 997.9 ——- 1002.2 ——- 1005.2

172 ——- 1034.4 ——- 1016.4 ——- 1022.3

235 ——- 1073.8 ——- 1063.5 ——- 1078.3

314 ——- 1127.9 ——- 1103.6 ——- 1127.5

Now, because someone comes out and says “But those numbers are pointless, they don’t show anything!” let me says that they show the average DPS increase that a Moonkin can expect to see depending on their level of spell haste. However, there are some things that also need to be considered.

Spell damage and spell haste play leap-frog with each other in terms of how much they benefit from another. At different levels of spell damage, you would see a higher DPS gain from stacking more haste, and at different levels of spell haste, you would see a higher DPS gain from stacking more spell damage. The current formula of spell damage being equal to haste on a 1:1 ration at 1077 spell damage is the best rule to follow by. Trying to maintain the most perfect ration at all various levels of spell haste is completely impossible as changing one value will influence the other.

So, after all that we can see that a Moonkin can expect roughly these results from increasing spell haste:

0 to 42: 42 DPS

42 to 109: 39 DPS

109 to 172: 14 DPS

172 to 235: 47 DPS

235 to 314: 40 DPS

This does, however, make certain assumptions: that your spell damage remains at roughly 1,200 and your spell crit will remain at roughly 15% out of Moonkin. As spell damage increase, where you will see larger DPS gains changes. At 1,300 spell damage, there is only a minor DPS gain between 0 and 42 spell haste; 16 DPS. Although other levels of spell haste should see equal or slightly higher DPS gains with other levels of spell haste – 235 dips slightly, but 314 sees a much larger impact. This trend seems to continue, with the DPS gains for various levels remaining roughly equal and 314 seeing much larger jump, at all levels of spell damage. For example, at 1,500 spell damage (which I would imagine most Moonkin at 1,200 can reach when fully raid buffed) the average DPS gain from going from 235 to 314 spell haste is 63.

**Please note**

Once you hit 172 haste rating, Ivory Idol of the Moongoddess should offer a larger DPS return than using Idol of the Unseen Moon.

Part IV: Conclusion-
After running all of these tests, I would have to say that stacking haste is NOT the most viable way to increase Moonkin DPS. While the stat itself will offer a very substantial increase in DPS, unless you are in Sunwell there simply is not gear enough to support using this stat. The best returns from haste are only seen at hitting the 316 mark. While it is possibly to do this without any Sunwell gear it is NOT possible to hit 1,200 spell damage, 316 haste and remained hit capped unless you break 4 piece T6 – which would cause a much greater loss in DPS than you gain. Not to mention that your crit rating will probably not reach much higher than 17% out of Moonkin once you start stacking to higher levels of spell haste – and will only drop the higher you go.

Give the way that Balance Druids scale with spell damage and the benefits of Nature’s Grace, I would have to conclude that Rueful is correct in that stacking spell crit is the absolute best way obtain the best possible DPS as a Balance Druid. This is because the gear that allows for higher levels of spell crit often either have more natural spell damage or have more gem slots in them which allows raw spell damage to be boosted to levels that out-scale spell damage. Select pieces do break this, but nearly if not all of them are located in Sunwell – Robes of Ghostly Hatred come to mind. When coupled with Nature’s Grace, the overall DPS output is going to be much greater than found with spell haste.

This does not mean you should ignore spell haste! If the item with spell haste on it is an overall upgrade from what you are using, then it should offer higher levels of DPS and is therefore still useful.

Hopefully this is useful and that I’m not completely stupid. =P

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