Silly, Silly Horde!

So I logged on the other day with my toon was parked in the Scryer bank in Shattrath, and I came on to find a bunch of Horde having some fun with the bane of my newly-minted level 60’s existence - Hellfire’s Fel Reaver. “He’s back!”, I thought, “He’s followed me from the grave!!” But I soon saw that they had just kited him all the way from Hellfire, perhaps to get some help from the guards, but certainly to give everyone in the city a good chuckle. Well played, good sirs, well played.

Fel reaver down in shatt

I’ve seen other screenshots and videos of people kiting Omen (the nasty 2 headed dog that shows up during the Lunar Festival) all the way to Ogrimmar, and I think it’s pretty great; what a nice way to liven things up in a game that, lets face it, can become pretty monotonous with dailies and whatnot.

What sort of kookie stuff have you and your friends done? Who would you kite to Shattrath if you could? I personally would love to see the Hellfire general channel spam master, Doom Lord Kazzak himself, laying dead at the feet of A’lar!

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  1. Timmerux Says:

    I’d LOVE to see Kazzak spamming /2 for a change. Oh, how I wanted to /ignore him while questing in HFP~ LOL

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