Ding 60!! Wewt!

So! After not posting about my shaman for a while, I come back with exciting news. Level 60! Wewt!

Right now you’re probably saying, “Cool! Grats, man! Hey…didn’t you skip a post? I thought these things were supposed to come every ten levels…” And in that you’d be right - I did skip a post. There was never any level 50 love here in the blog, and I apologize. But honestly, it wasn’t out of laziness, it was out of respect for you, the reader. There was just absolutely nothing to blog about with hitting level 50. I already had my mount, the cool spells have already come (in Windfury, Stormstrike, and the such), and the zones for that range sorta blow. By the time you reach level 45 you’ve burned through all the quests in Tanaris already (arguable the last fun zone for a while, with all those pirates), and you’re stuck either begging for instance groups for dungeons that are also not that fun (ZF you burn out on super fast), or being ineffecient by hopping around from zone to zone trying to do a couple quests here and a couple quests there.

The next time I found a solid zone with a lot of quests I could do was the late 40s-early 50s when I went to Felwood, and after that, Winterspring. I particularly enjoyed WInterspring, because not only are winter-based zones my favorite, but I never went there with my mage, so all the quests and maps were new. Plus, skinning those yetis got my leatherworking and skinning up to 300. And that was pretty much that - nothing new or really exciting to talk about, so I opted to let on fly by. And as I ran through the portal in the Blasted Lands, feeling like a champ, a couple really interesting things hit me.

First, leveling from 1-60 was sooooo much faster than it was when I did it Pre-BC (the 52-60 grind was miserable), and this makes sense; if people want to see all the new content and get to the end game, and Blizzard just keeps the leveling at the same pace while moving the goal post further and further back, no one would ever make it to level 70, nevermind 80. I wonder if Blizzard has the same types of tweaks in mind for leveling 60-70 when the expansion comes out. Maybe more XP for quests, just like the did for the quests in WoW classic? Dunno, but that makes sense to me. If 80 is the new 70, I doubt I would even consider rolling a new toon if you’re talking about starting en Elwynn again. And who knows, maybe this is bringing up a much larger issue? At what point do the old, level 1-60 zones need a retuning, a freshening up? Dunno.

Anyways, the second thing that struck me when I finally made it to Outlands is a little more sad. See if you can guess what it is:

  • Deadmines
  • Shadowfang Keep
  • Blackfathom Deeps
  • Razorfen Downs
  • Razorfen Kraul
  • Scarlet Monestary Graveyard
  • Scarlet Monestary Library
  • Scarlet Monestary Armory
  • Uldaman
  • Maraudon
  • Dire Maul
  • Sunken Temple
  • Stratholme
  • Scholomance

That’s right, thats the list of all the fantastic 5 man dungeons I never got to do. It’s actually 20 different instances, if you count all the wings of Maraudon and Dire Maul. And, keep in mind that’s only the list of 5 mans. If we were talking about other, larger pre-BC raids, we’d have to add another 10+ instances on there. What a drag that Blizzard hasn’t found any way to not only keep all the content they designed fresh, but keep it applicable to the rest of the game.

Ah well, I guess. The only perk is that now that I’m in Outlands, it’s infinitely easier to find runs for all the Outland instances, even though you’d think no one would want to do a normal Ramparts run. But, I do miss the days when cashing in 5 quests would give me 25% of a level! But, it’s worth it, because I’m just that much closer to jumping in on our 25 mans with a radically different toon compared to my mage, and that’s what this has been all about. Stay tuned! Next update, level 65!

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3 Responses to “Ding 60!! Wewt!”

  1. Jujeta Says:

    You just beg the rest of us to run you through ramps on easy mode :).

  2. Timmerux Says:

    I had no probs finding groups for any of the normal Outlands instances when I recently levelled my mage, and that was just PUGging in LFG.

    Lots of people with alts - it was really fun, actually, after the loneliness of Azeroth and Kalimdor instances.

  3. bartolo Says:

    I don’t beg, do I?? Uh oh, I hope people don’t think I’m turning into “That Guy…” : P And Timmerux is right; it is infinitely easier to find groups, even for normal runs of instance in Outlands. And lots of 70s tag along, too. I often here, “Sure, I’ll come run normal Blood Furnace. I haven’t been in there in a while and I’m bored.” It’s pretty great.

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