The Daily Grind

Scarpia made a great post the other day about the new dailies, and I just wanted to take a minute and offer a couple more tips I’ve discovered regarding them. I’ve had a lot of free time this week so I’ve been able to do almost all of them, and here are a couple things I’ve figured out. All these pointers pertain to people who don’t have an unlimited amount of time to do dailies, but still want to make a pretty penny; if time isn’t an issue, you can go ahead and take your sweet time, doing all of them. But, who is so lucky? Anyways, a couple more tips:

  • Tip #1: Do all the quests (except the gathering ones) with a buddy. This is probably the best pointer there is, and I know Scarpia already mentioned it, but it’s absolutely worth bringing up again. Killing quests go twice as fast with a friend, and you’re less likely to get ganked (probably the biggest time waster of all). I often just invite whoever I’m by that I see questing, and say hello once they’ve joined the group. Or, if you fly to the Isle from Ironforge, you can start asking in the general channel as soon as you zone in. Either way, this is the biggie. If you want to do the gathering quests, I recommend doing those solo. The drop rates sort of suck, and it takes twice as long if you’re waiting for a buddy to get his 4 Mana Remnants, too.
  • Tip #2: Play Zone Defense. Another big time waster, which you’d never think about, is looting. Kill a mob, run to him, loot him, kill the next, run over, loot him too, etc. You’ll save a surprising amount of time by standing in one spot, pulling all the mobs you can reach over to you, letting them stack up, and loot them all at the same time once there are no more mobs that you could easily hit. This way, not only are you regenerating health and mana faster (since you’re out of the 5 second rule longer), but it’s just more effecient.
  • Tip #3: Don’t forget to blow coolddowns and trinkets all the time. The faster you’re killing a mob, the faster you’re finishing quests. Sometimes we only go into all out DPS mode when we’re all jazzed up for a boss fight; don’t forget you can super nuke regular mobs, too!
  • Tip #4: Never touch the Horde. Unless you’ve got an extra 30 minutes to burn, and enjoy being camped, don’t pick fights. If you see a menacing hode near you, you can even DoT up his mob, or help him out for one second. They like that. You could even wave. I know I know, I die a little inside every time too, but whatever saves time by keeping me from being ganked, right?
  • Tip #5: Pick all the quests up at the same time, and cash them in together. Once you’ve decided how much time you have that day to do dailies, pick all the quests that you’re going to do up for that zone, and only cash them in once you’ve finished them all. Running back to an NPC to cash in one quest, when you just have to run back to him 2 minutes later to cash in at the guy standing next to him is another time burner.

Hope those little pointers help. Is there anything you do to make your dailies go faster? Any other little tidbits you’ve found speed up the process?

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  1. Yrael Says:

    once i started using trinkets, i noticed a difference.
    and as a mage i have 4 “trinkets” 2 +dmg trinkets, combustion, and icy veins. use one per target, and they are practically up for the next round of mobs.

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