Time is Money: Mastering the Auction House: Inflation

Vision dust inflation AH snapshot
Time is Money is a Raider’s Progress feature bringing together information from various wow web resources, but mainly, my own experience as I attempt to play wow efficiently while enjoying incredible wealth. You know how Uncle Scrooge from Ducktales used to swim around in that enormous vault filled with gold? Like that.

The wow-ers over at woweconomist were keen to point out a phenomenon that is obviously taking place on our server, inflation, which occurs when more capital is injected into the economy. This is why americans are getting extra checks this tax season, to inject more cash into the system and to cause inflation to bring the value of the dollar back up. So with everyone and their mother grabbing 100g+ every day in their dailies, as well as getting more gold from farmable raid material, things are heating up. But, inflation is a major opportunity to make some serious gold. I have found that the high price for many of my items is now the standard going price, with many noobs still dropping things in the AH at the low-side of prices from several weeks ago. Here are some specifics:

1. In addition to prices going up, demand for large prismatics couldn’t be higher. When that armory unlocks, all of a sudden everyone needs 15 shards. But since all this is happening relatively soon, it’s easy to score shards still for around 24g. Grab that. You can safely post in the 30g range, or play it risky and try controlling to push upwards around 32,34g.

2. Prices for all power-profession leveling are also locking into their higher prices. Heavy Leathers, large radiant shards, vision dusts, and dream dusts have been some serious winners for me recently.

3. Twink items see the boost. Zealot blades in the 80s. Scarlet chestpieces solidly at 180g+, and twisted chanter’s staffs hitting 120g pretty easily.

I’m not saying you couldn’t sell at these prices before. But now you don’t have to wait around to flip these things. Inflation is pushing the average value up, so plan accordingly.

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  1. Znyp Says:

    Eh, you economy skills lack. If you put more money in the hands of the americans, they will have relatively the same amount but with a higher number. Hence, more dollar is worth less compared to foreign exchange. Inflation makes the dollar worth less.

    Im making money on stocks, but also in WoW. The trick is basically to hold goods instead of money. When more money is put into an economy like WoW, the more prices will go up. So if you keep your money, they will slowly be “worth” less - if you keep stuff like primals or something, your relative value will stay the same because prices on goods will go up.

    Hope that explains it…. Its the same basic concept i’ve used to gain tons of money for all my MMOs. For RL, its a bit more complex :P

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