Guild Rules

Raiders Are The Lost Art is made up of a dedicated group of people who understand that the most rewarding parts of Warcraft are those that involve playing with other people. In a sense, we’re all about being a tight-nit group of people that can accomplish new and exciting things, as well as mastering existing challenges as a team. To put it simply: playing with great people in a great group is fun!

In order to achieve this, there are certain rules that need to be stated, some which are common sense, and some which can always use some underlining:
1. The most important rule for the Raiders is a simple one: We all play for fun, so keep it fun and respect one another! Playing together is the most rewarding experience in World of Warcraft – whether it be taking down a boss together, finally completing a big raid or an impossibly hard dungeon, or simply chatting with some friends – and these things are only possible when people are friendly, willing to help, understanding, and compassionate towards one another. World of Warcraft is game that we all play, and it’s fun! Never forget it can only stay way when people are good-natured and respectful towards others. Not everyone has been through the same dungeons, taken down a certain boss, or gotten to take part in a certain raid, but if we’re all here to help eachother, we’ll all gain something from doing these things as a guild. That lowbie pally you helped out yesterday will soon be the healadin that gave you that life-saving heal tomorrow, so remember that there’s nothing more important than understanding we’re all at different points in World of Warcraft, but we all play together.

2. No offensive treatment or language towards another guild member will EVER tolerated. Someone screwed up a pull? It happens. Someone didn’t know to stand behind the pillar for a certain boss? So what? You’ll do better next time, and the time after that, and everyone is here to learn and pass on this knowledge to the next person. That’s what makes our guild so great – there’s no better environment to foster the best players in the game than a positive one. Please keep it that way.

3. Any racist, sexist, prejudice, flaming, or inappropriate behavior is grounds for IMMEDIATE dismissal from the guild. If deemed necessary by the leadership, these decisions are non-negotiable and irreversable. Never forget that people from all over the country and world are playing together, and something that may be fine to you or your friends could be extremely offensive to another. At no point will offensive behavior, language, or actions be tolerated in this guild.

4. Respect other people’s time and energy – and along that vein, know what you’re doing! There are countless resources available on the web as well as here in our forums that give great pointers on raids, boss fights, or the best place to find goretusk snouts. Therefore, please don’t heckle other guild members for information you could quickly and easily find yourself, and if you ask for help for a quest or instance, do the appropriate research before-hand. Look to our Guild Resources page and the Raid Discussion Forum for helpful links.

5. Keep the guild chat uncluttered and sane! We want to leave our guild chat rules leaneant, and no one wants to censor things, but please! refrain from chat like “ZOMG! BLING BLING CHECK OUT THIS CRAZY HELM!,” “horde tauren’s look like snarflepants-heads! LAWL LAWL LAWL”, and completely unnecessary links. If you just got a great set piece and want to tell your friends, /whisper! If someone wants to see what your entire set is, they can easily go to The Armory, or our very own Roster. People will see your phat lewt, so don’t worry!